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Biography Of Wilbert A. Crosby

Wilbert A. Crosby is a guitarist, producer and music instructor that was born in Chicago, IL. Currently based in Chicago, Crosby has had the opportunity to perform and record with a varied group of artists like Pops Staples, Mavis Staples, Aretha Franklin, Charlélie Couture, and Carey Bell.

A love for Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Soul music has always been a part of his life at an early age.  Being that his father was a local tenor saxophone player in Chicago back in the 1950’s and his god-father was Howlin’ Wolf’s blues drummer S.P. Leary, Crosby was always surrounded by legendary artists.  By the time Wilbert was 10 years old he was playing guitar with his father’s band during practice sessions.

Crosby continued to develop this musical talent through performance, academy studies, and mentorship.  Some of his mentors included Wayne Bennett, Mighty Joe Young, Gregory Washington, Otis Rush, and Cash McCall and he deepened his understanding of the inner-workings of music and improvisation.

In 1983, Wilbert began playing with Pops Staples and went on his first international tour and further learned other aspects of the music industry.    Already interested in composition, had the opportunity to compose and arrange for other artists which included Carey Bell.  Out of their collaboration and creative efforts, the album, “Good Luck Man” (1997) won the W.C. Handy’s Award.

Accolades have adorned Crosby’s career.  He obtained the Albert King award in 1996 and has performed at the White House during the Clinton and Bush administrations.  He performed the Grammy awarded song, “Have A Little Faith” with Mavis Staples at the 2005 Grammy Awards.  Additionally, he played with Pops Staples at the 1995 Grammy Awards in an all-star jam with Bonnie Raitt, Phil Upchurch, WahWah Watson, Isaac Hayes & Maria Muldar.  Wilbert also has the honor of product endorsements for Elixir Strings and Reunion Blues Guitar Cases.

Inspirationally, just as mentorship was a significant force in shaping Wilbert Crosby’s talent, he is dedicated to teaching and mentoring teen musicians to build the next generation of musical greats.  He instructs his proteges in the cutting-edge Berklee Pulse Music Curriculum to ensure a foundation for success in the industry.

From decades of performances nationally and internationally, Crosby is known for this soulful bluesy sound that mesmerizes audiences.  His musical style has a great clean feel and he has an innate musical consciousness that keeps his artistry combined with his dynamic stage presence in high demand.   

the songmates

Anthony Owens, vocals  (far Left)
Anthony (Rick) Owens vocalizes in the group r-gang with his clear falsetto. Rick previously performed with Robert Davis as a founding member of Chambers of Time, opening for The Emotions and the Ohio Players

brian davis, vocalist/keyboardist (far right)
previously performed with older brother Robert Davis as a member of Chambers of Time, opening for The Emotions and the Ohio Players

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